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For boys and girls 11-16


See the section on Policies for all the important stuff of Policies that have been adopted by the Shrewton Youth Club. Boring but important..


There is a small Management Group of Shrewton Adults along with our own Youth Leader looking after the club -see Management section .



Future Plans

There are lots of ideas for the future . Watch this space !

Management Committee

The following are the adults who volunteer for the Club



  • Darren Henry
  • Caroline Henry
  • Jennifer Brennan
  • Lorna Ewing
  • Terry Kemp

These are the new committee to get things going - Volunteers to help from time to time would be welcomed


Public Liability Insurance etc - to see these details press here

22nd November 2017


To Members and Parents,

Our Youth Club is flourishing and we are really sure its enjoyed by everyone. One of the reasons for its success is the involvement of our Youth Leader Jenny Bowley. However Jenny for health reasons has to now step down. This is a real loss for us but we, of course, offer her our sincere good wishes for the future.


Without Jenny, and indeed with only a few adult helpers, it is hard to open every Wednesday Evening. We are working hard to find a replacement Youth Leader but in the mean time will need to close the Club till –

WEDNESDAY 17th January 2018


January 2018


HOT NEWS --- We will open on the 17th - We may have a potential new Youth Leader ( if we are good !) Great activities planned too !!


Contact - 01980 620256